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The City of Marquette is located in the central region of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. With a population of 21,335, it is the UP’s largest community. In addition to being a population center, it serves as the regional center for education, health care, recreation, and retail. This regional draw is particularly evident due to Northern Michigan University and Marquette General Hospital, both of which are located in the City of Marquette.

bike path

The Bike Path, which runs through the City of Marquette, is one of many biking
trails in this recreational community

Residents of the City of Marquette have long appreciated their community’s abundant natural beauty, unique climate, and the high quality of life that is enjoyed here.  A strong commitment by both city leaders and active community members has helped Marquette to become one of the nation’s premier cities. Marquette’s efforts towards continuous improvement have been rewarded through a series of national recognitions.  These awards include Marquette’s designation as one of “America’s Most Livable Communities”, its involvement in Michigan’s “Cool Cities” initiative, and its receipt of the “All-American City” award. [View all Awards]

Founders and Harbor

Founders Landing is one of the City's greatest assets along Lake Superior.



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