City Commission Policies

Policy # Subject
1973-01 Attendance Policy for Marquette City Boards, Committees, and Commissions
1975-01 Use Regulations for Public Parks & Public Grounds
1977-01 Real Estate Sales Policy
1990-01 Rules & Regulations for City of Marquette Marinas and Boat Launching Facilities
1991-01 Exemplary Citizen Pin Award
1994-01 Military Service Time Credit
1996-01 Credit Card Policy
1999-01 Guidelines for Request & Use of City Parks for Large Events
1999-02 Prevailing Wages for City of Marquette Construction Projects
2000-01 Presque Isle Park Deer Management Plan
2000-02 City Commissioner Compensation
2001-01 Records Retention and Disposal Policy
2002-01 Policy Governing Citizen Boards & Commissions
2002-02 Enhanced Access to Public Records Policy
2002-03 Freedom of Information Act Policy
2002-04 Use of Audio-Visual Equipment in Commission Chambers
2003-01 Commission Rules of Procedure
2003-02 ACH and Electronic Transactions Policy
2005-01 Naming Parks & Recreation Facilities
2005-02 City Attorney Political Involvement/Conflict of Interest/Lines of Communication Policy
2008-01 Investment Policy
2008-02 Identity Theft Prevention Policy
2010-01 General Fund, Unrestricted Fund Balance Policy
2011-01 Recognition of Non-Profit Organizations Operating in the City
2011-02 Rules of Procedure for Committees and Boards
2011-03 Complete Streets
2013-01 Guidelines for Requesting Multiple Year Special Event Contracts for City Park Use for High Impact Events
2015-01 FOIA Procedures and Guidelines
2015-02 Commission Policy on Presentation Guidelines
2015-03 Capital Improvements Program Policy
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