Policy # Subject
172-01 Use of Commission Chambers
172-02 Response Time for Answering Inquiries
172-03 City Commission Member Information Request Process
202-01 Credit Card Policy
202-02 Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy
215-01 Public Service Announcements
228-01 Standard for Information Technology Purchases
228-02 Web Page Design Standards
228-03 Cell Phone Usage Policy
228-04 Standard Workstation Configuration
228-05 Acceptable Use - Data and Technology Resources
228-06 Municipal Channel Programming Standards
228-07 Foreign Travel and City Electronic Communication Devices
228-08 228-08 Information Security Awareness Program
253-01 Personal Use of City Vehicles
270-01 Internships
270-02 Unauthorized Use or Release of Confidential Information Policy
270-03 Employment Process for Part-Time and Seasonal Employees
270-04 Wage Administration for Part-Time and Seasonal Employees
270-05 Family and Medical Leave Act
270-06 Leave Donation Policy
270-07 Social Security Number Privacy Policy
270-08 Military Leave Policy
270-09 Suspension of City Business for Emergencies
270-10 Administrative Leave Policy
270-11 Travel Time
270-12 Title VI Non-Discrimination Policy
270-13 Longevity Bonus for Department Heads and Middle Managers
270-14 Identifying Full-Time Employees for Health Insurance Eligibility
270-15 Employee Licenses and Certifications
632-01 Lending Policy
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City Manager:
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