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2017 Alternating Week Fiber Rigid Schedule

In addition to garbage pickup, the City of Marquette offers curbside collection of recyclable materials.

Prior to collection, recyclable materials must be divided into two separate streams – fiber materials and rigid materials – which will be picked up on alternating weeks at the same time as curbside garbage collection. 

Fiber materials include papers, newspapers, magazines, envelopes, books, cardboard materials, paper bags and other similar items. Staples and plastic envelope windows may be included in the fiber stream.

Rigid materials are plastic, metal and glass items, and include everything from food and drink containers to CD cases and hard plastic toys. Labels can remain on these containers, but residents are asked to please empty all containers and to separate any caps from their respective containers.

Items that can’t be recycled curbside include foams, films, photo paper, food- or grease-coated items, bubble envelopes and organic materials.

Additional information about the recycling program, including a full schedule, can be found online at

What can’t be recycled must go to the landfill. The City encourages residents to divert as much as possible from the landfill, through recycling, composting and re-use. For instance, plastic bags won’t be accepted through the City program, but can be re-used at home or returned to some local stores for recycling. Similarly, many organic materials can be composted rather than thrown in the trash bin. Sharps are NOT recyclable and may NOT be placed in with recyclable materials.

Preparation for Collection

Currently, the City contracts with Waste Management [view their website], which collects recyclables from all residential properties 5 units or less within the City once per week. Recycling collection is on the same evening as scheduled garbage collection for each address. Bins containing recyclables are to be placed curbside after 1 p.m. on the evening preceding the scheduled collection day. Bins are to be removed from the street right-of-way and placed in an inconspicuous location on the owner's property prior to 8 p.m. on the collection day.

All recyclable materials must be clean of food residue. Materials are to be placed curbside loosely in hard-walled plastic bins, baskets or boxes. Containers used for recyclable collection must be easily differentiated from those used for refuse collection. Do not use plastic bags as recycling containers, and do not place rigid materials for pick-up in paper bags.

Fibers and Rigids: A breakdown

Newspapers & inserts
Magazines and catalogs
High gloss papers
Place in curbside bin, unbundled
Clean corrugated cardboard
Pizza boxes
Break down into 2x2 ft squares, place in curbside bin
Brown paper grocery bags Collapse, place in curbside bin
(i.e. cereal/cracker boxes)
Remove liner and collapse, place in curbside bin
Phone books, Computer paper, junk mail Place in curbside bin, unbundled
Metal and tin
Metal food cans, metal caps, pie tins
Wash out, place in curbside bin
Clear, brown and green bottles
Wash out, remove lids/caps, place in curbside bin
Plastics (#1 through #7)
Milk or juice containers, laundry soap jugs, condiment containers, etc
Wash out, remove lids/caps, place in curbside bin

Organic Waste Recycling

Organic waste material can be dropped off at the Municipal Service Center (850 W. Baraga Ave., Marquette) and should be limited to the following options:

  • Fruits and vegetables, scraps or whole
  • Bread, pasta, and grains
  • Bakery items and ingredients
  • Eggs, eggshells, nutshells, and paper egg cartons
  • Milk, juices, and cartons
  • Plants, cut flowers, and potting soil
  • Coffee grounds, filters, and tea bags
  • Paper products, e.g., napkins, paper towels, plates, and food packaging
  • Junk mail and magazines
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Any paper
  • Animal waste
  • Plants
  • Cloth
  • Leather

Please use paper food bags for delivery to the site.

Drop-Off Recycling Facilities

Outside of normal curbside collections, residents can bring their recyclable materials to one of the drop-off points in the City, free of charge.

850 W. Baraga Avenue

Materials can also be taken to the City of Marquette’s Municipal Service Center, located at 850 W. Baraga Avenue.

Reuse Alternatives

The following organizations accept a variety of clothing, household goods, furniture, books, and other materials for reuse. Please contact them about the acceptability of items you may wish to donate before dropping them off.

3125 US 41 West
St. Vincent de Paul
2119 Presque Isle Ave.
The Salvation Army
1009 W Baraga Ave.
UP Children's Museum
123 W Baraga Ave.

Recycling DOs and DON’Ts

Don’t place plastic bags out for curbside recycling, or place other recyclable materials in plastic bags. Re-use plastic bags in your home, or take them to a local store that offers recycling options.
Meanwhile, place your curbside recyclables in hard-walled containers or boxes. Fiber products (like paper) can be placed out for pickup in paper bags.
Don’t place fiber materials and rigid materials together for curbside collection. Separate material streams and place out during the appropriate week (see schedule).
Don’t place more than 30 pounds of recyclable material in a single container. Divide recyclable materials into easy-to-lift containers. It is acceptable to use numerous containers for curbside pickup.

Failure to comply with these rules means your curbside recyclables will not be collected in a given week. If your materials are not collected, they can still be brought to one of the drop-off locations listed previously.


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